A Dream of Spring

This beautiful beast. This is the start of my little dirt empire.      Although it's January, I have plans. Big plans. As I...

This is the start of my little dirt empire.

     Although it's January, I have plans. Big plans. As I go outside every day to feed, water and tend my chickens I look longingly at the trees bare of leaves. The ground cold, but soft under my muck boots I imagine holding all sorts of life in a few months. It's this hope that keeps me in a state of anticipation all through the winter. 

   The contraption in question (if you're not familiar) is to create dirt blocking for seed starts. All fall and winter, I've tended my worm bins to create beautiful dark rich and moist worm castings. From those, mixed with a bit of vermiculite, cocoa coir and compost will grow (at least in my imagination) beautifully lush starts. Those starts will feed myself and my family, friends and neighbors, possibly birds and animals, but I'm keen to share. If they grow large. If they make it past my endless experimentation to peak maturity. If I catch them before they turn to seed. If. If. If.

    Which is why, I dream of spring. 

    Like I said, I have big plans for the spring. We've been acquiring materials to house goats and rabbits. Slowly. The process of preparation has been painstakingly slow. However, the goal is set, and while it may not be this spring that I have these animals, maybe next. Another dream for another spring if it does not happen this, it will happen. It will. Maybe next or the next after. However, as long as we're preparing, we keep the dream alive. Dreams aren't perfect, they don't always come true. Dreams do break the monotony. I still have my chickens until then.

   Today, I am hopeful.

   Today, is also my husband's birthday. As of this morning he has graced this earth for a remarkable 32 years. Remarkable. His endless creativity and imagination has grown in me the seed of hope. To take my inspirations and convert them into action.

I invite you to share along my journey.

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